How You Can Get Your Exit Strategy?


$149 value

An hour-long step-by-step survey that will identify your skills and results (yes you have them! lots of them!) that you can use to create a cash-generating business... or two... or three!

I will help you find your very own exit strategy! Be your own boss (BYOB!) Create a life and career that's perfect for YOU! Escape the 9-5 rat race. Live your ideal day!


$149 value

Breaking it down block by block, detail by detail, for a complete understanding of how the formula works for building a business, marketing it, and selling your delicious offerings like hotcakes!

…and nothing creepy or fake. I'm in the business of helping others and providing solutions and THAT is the business I'll help you break into!

PLUS a deep analysis of FOURTEEN (14!!) real-life businesses that follow the formula.


$149 value

My fool-proof method for idea generation.

No big start-up costs required! You can launch a business for $0-15!

No huge time commitments either! You can start rocking and earning money this week!


$149 value

We'll find your target market and your ideal customer. (and how you can sell to them effortlessly)


$149 value

Three proven (FREE!) strategies that confirm whether or not your business will sell. No guessing. No unknowns! and they're free!

Learn how to make a perfect pitch.


$149 value

Picking out a name (I have a formula for that too!), setting the price, techy stuff like creating a website and doing it all for little to no cost.


$149 value

Learn how to stand out among the competition. Leant how to sell without having to sell. You know I'm a marketing dynamo - here are my secrets!

PLUS an in-depth look at the brilliant x-factor marketing of ten real-life businesses.

Exit Strategy School 2-Day Bootcamp (Coming soon)

2-Day Exit Bootcamp – $997

Exit Strategy School Course

  • 8 In-depth Video Lessons - Over $1,200 Value
  • 65-page step-by-step workbook
  • Private Email List where you can talk with other Exiters
  • Private Members Only Site
  • Immediate access to everything
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER – 2 Bonus Benefits (SOLD OUT)
  • SIX (6!) 1-hour live group chats with Lindsay > YOUR EXACT QUESTIONS ANSWERED - $2000 value
  • 1-hour tech with Scott - $500 value

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30-Day Limited Money-Back Guarantee.

Turn in your completed planner. If you do the work, you get the results. If you don’t get the results, we don’t deserve to be paid.

When Lindsay speaks at conferences she commands $1000 a day because her time away from her business is that valuable. With Exit Strategy School you are getting the culmination of thousands of hours of experience building and running a business. If you are serious about finding your Exit Strategy, don't wait.

Lindsay S. Nixon


Lindsay S. Nixon is an American blogger, speaker, cookbook author and a former Lawyer. She is the author of 4 Best Selling Cookbooks and has sold over 150,000 Cookbooks Worldwide. Nixon has also created a very successful online business selling meal plans to more than 10,000 customers. Her success with online products has lead her to create several other products such as the PasstheMBE study guide, Reboot, Cleanse & Immersion book series, Exit Strategy School, and a few other business are in the works.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Release her first cookbook January 2011
  • Founded in 2011